Our Story


Growing up, Tony spent time with his grandfather hearing about the migrant farmer life his grandparents lived. Often wishing to have a farm with a large garden, nopales, horses, and chickens, Tony grew into adulthood, holding the farm dream as a youthful memory. 

In 1994 he enlisted and served as a U.S. Army soldier in the 75th Ranger Regiment and Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division. Returning home, he married the love of his life, Taya. Together they created a loving family who found happiness in giving to those underrepresented and underserved. In 2020 this lucky family began envisioning what would become 

Grey Beards Giving, a nonprofit organization serving those underrepresented and underserved individuals and families. Then in 2021, the chance to weave the dream of farming and gardening with helping others would become a reality. Tony and Taya jumped at the opportunity to purchase a small agricultural piece of land in the center of Logan, Utah, which they would name the Flores Family Community Garden. 

Today, the Flores Family Community Garden serves food insecure, veterans, and refugee individuals and families in the community, providing a place where individuals from diverse backgrounds can find connections and community while alleviating food insecurity.